Persisting in improving quality has become a habit
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6S custom management learning

With the rapid development of social economy, "6S" management is a scientific and effective organizational management method produced in the process of modern economic development. In order to improve the habits and quality of the employees and ensure the safety of the factory, Hotjin company carries out the core lecture of "6S" management. Let each employee must keep in mind the elements of "6S": "SEIRI, SEITON,SEISO,SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY".


The process of "6S" is a gradual process and also a process of our learning and innovation. As the old saying goesEfficiency comes from diligence, "6Smanagement is to cultivate our good habits, make the work more diligent, more meticulous. Strive for our common goal and let our working atmosphere more harmonious.


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As the saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day." The implementation of "6S" is not happen overnight, but step by step and perseverance.

We hope that this training can bring you practical harvest and enlightenment, let's work on it together to jointly promote the development and progress of the enterprise!

 02)Each team leader talks and discuss

At the meeting, each team leader also expressed their ideas and improvement plans on how to better bring in the team. Also made clear the responsibilities of each department group leader.

After a period of joint efforts, Suzhou Hotjin "6S" management has also achieved initial results.